Nautička Navigacija Simrad NSO evo2 sa Multitouch 24” Display, OP50 Controller & GS25 Antenna 000-13567-002

Nautička Navigacija Simrad NSO evo2 sa Multitouch 24” Display, OP50 Controller & GS25 Antenna 000-13567-002
Nautička Navigacija Simrad NSO evo2 sa Multitouch 24” Display, OP50 Controller & GS25 Antenna 000-13567-002

NSO evo2 Single 24" Multi-Touch monitor bundle. With OP50 Controller and GS25 GPS Antenna. No charts included.

NSO evo2 Marine Processor
Key Features
- Large-Screen Navigation System
- Multi-TouchSensible (with compatible display)
- Dual Independent Video Output
- Full HD Video
- Performance Module compatibility
- Cartography Choice
- Smaller, lighter design
- Quad-Core Processing Power

Dual Independent Video Output
- Independent HDMI output ports allow different setups on each display
- 2 x Quad core processors

– Dedicated processor per monitor gives superior speed and chart draw performance
- Control both NSO evo2 monitors direct from your Ipad or Android Tablet.
- NSO evo2 Appears as 2 Separate MFD Displays within the GoFree Application.

Even if you only have 1 monitor connected to the NSO evo2 on the vessel you can view and control the second output direct from your tablet…

Chartography Options
Choose from the many available Cartography options on offer to best suit your Location and usage –C-MAP MAX-N –Navionics –Insight –Insight Genesis –NV Digital Chart

Control Options
OP-50 Remote –Full NSO evo2 System control available with OP-50 Remote –*Integrated NSO evo2 Autopilot control functions require OP-50 remote
Touch screen Control – NSO evo2 can be operated by multi-touch monitors provided by select partners. Currently KEP marine Glass bridge touch screen monitors are certified for use on NSO evo2 and operate via USB cable connection. Multi touch gestures are supported for chart zoom / sonar zoom/ Radar range

New for NSO evo2
- Multi zoom touch gestures
- Naviconics Depth Highlight range
- Naviconics shallow water highlight
- AIS Sarts
- Fusion Link Audio Device Support
- Grib Weather
- GS25 Antenna Configuration
- Wide screen display support

Language Packs
Standard Language Pack:
English(US), English(UK), Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch,Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

Asian Language Pack:
English (US), Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese,

Eastern European Language Pack:
English (US), English (UK), Bulgarian, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish

Russia/Ukraine Language pack:
English (US), English(UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian

Middle Eastern Language Pack: English (US), English (UK), Arabic, German, Spanish, Farsi, French, Italian

MO-T Monitors
Key Features
- Low Profile Glass Bridge Design
- More Screen, Less Border
- Widescreen Displays, HD Resolutions
- Touch/Non-Touch Option
- High Bright Backlight Option
- Picture in Picture
- On-Glass Menu Keys
- VESA bracket Mounting Option
- IP66 in Dash Mounting
- Suitable for any monitor application (not limited to Simrad)

High Def. Widescreen Displays
- Higher Definition LCD panels enable more information to be presented on the display
- For a defined chart zoom level, user can see a larger area of chart in full detail
- For an echo sounder panel, more vertical pixels means more vertical resolution and target detail in the water column
- Wide LCD format makes more effective use of boat dashboard space
- Widescreen aspect ratios give more usable panel shapes in split modes

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