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Nautička Navigacija Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar Dual Beam Plus TFT LED 256 colors

Nautička Navigacija Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar Dual Beam Plus TFT LED 256 colors
Nautička Navigacija Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar Dual Beam Plus TFT LED 256 colors

Sonar Humminbird Helix 5 Dual Beam Plus is the best instrument for discerning fishermen who do not want to compromise on quality! If fishing is in your DNA, as is for us of Humminbird, then you know that the result of a good fishing trip is not just good luck. Not only: the higher your expectations, the more precision you require. That is why Helix 5 is what you need, with a wide color display, powerful SONAR function, and also include Down Imaging.
› TFT LED monitor with 256 colors 5" with 800 x 480 pixels;
› Function Dual Beam Plus w/SwitchFire;
› Depth up to 450 m;
› Transducer series stern;
› Coverage angles 120° e 60° a -10dB;
› Sophisticated full navigation software for each function;
› Operating voltage 10 to 20 Vdc;
› Building a perfect watertight.
Tecnical specifications:
- User Interface: Keyboard;
- Display Size: 5" diagonal;
- Resolution: 800H x 480V;
- Display Type: TFT color; 
- Colours: 256 colors;
- SONAR Standard: DualBeam Plus w/SwitchFire: 200kHz / 20° @ -10dB, 83kHz / 16° @ -10dB; 
- SONAR coverage: 20° & 60°@ -10dB;
- SONAR supported Frequency: 83/200 kHz;
- Power: 500 W (RMS) 4000 W (PTP);
- Power consumption: 800 mA;
- Power supply: 10-20 VDC;
- Depth: 450 m;
- Water temperature: included;
- Speed: optional;
- Backlight: LED;
- Water resistance class: IPX7;
- Dimensions - bracket: 19.2 cm W x 11.8 cm H x 8.4 cm D;
- Dimensions - flush: 19.2 cm W x 10.9 cm H x 2.9 cm D;
- Mounting options: On bracket or optional built-in kit; 
- Transducer Standard: JH-XNT9DIT;
- Mounting Standard Transducer: from the stern;
- GPS receiver: no;
- Networking: no;
- AutoChart Live: no;
- Carography: no;
- Optional: -.

* For use at great depths it is available as an optional transducer 50kHz.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the maximum depth. indicated shall be understood as the maximum achievable under optimum conditions. In particular, the maximum depth can be influenced by various factors including, but not only, the density of water, the type of bottom, the settings of the instrument and the transducer type.

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