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Furuno GP1870 GPS Chartplotter

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Compact, Powerful GPS Chart Plotter For Recreational And Fishery Boats
The 7" wide Chart Plotter provides the user with powerful, fast performance and intelligent features while remaining compact in size.

Wirelessly connect to your iOS devices
The GP-1870/GP-1870F connects to your iOS devices using the app “Jeppesen Marine Plan2Nav” over a wireless ad-hoc connnection.

C-Weather information
C-Weather data can be downloaded from to the GP-1870/ 1870F. Wind, Wave, Weather, Humidity, Temperature and Visibility (fog) information can be displayed on screen.

Bright 900 cd/㎡ LCD gives excellent readability even in direct sunlight

The LCD and AR glass are bonded together to ensure no fogging issues

Clear visibility even when wearing polarized sunglasses
The GP-1870 series has an LCD screen that does not “black out” when wearing polarized sunglasses, providing clear visibility from virtualy any angle.

Internal GPS antenna for simple and easy installation

RotoKey™ revolving menu and familiar point-and-click operation
The RotoKey™ has a two-fold function. Rotate the knob for a finely stepped zoom control. Push the knob to get full access to GP-1870/1870F controls.

Supports detailed C-MAP 4D charts by Jeppesen (Locally supplied with an SD card)

Dual Range Chart Display
In "Dual Range Chart Display" mode, the GP-1870 series displays dual charts, both long and short range, at the same time.

Internal memory: Waypoint/Track 30,000 points, Route 1,000 routes

Bright 900 cd/㎡ LCD gives excellent readability even in direct sunlight
The LCD and AR glass are bonded together to ensure no fogging issues
Our bonded LCDs offer a fog-free structural design. This ensures that  the display will never be affected by water condensation, caused by an air gap between the LCD and the front cover plate.

Clear visibility even when wearing polarized sunglasses
Easy-Routing function: Automatically create a route
The Easy-Routing Technology analyzes the high-quality C-MAP 4D data, works out the shortest route and then checks and displays hazards in each leg of the journey. Enter start and end points along with specific boat parameters and automatically receive waypoints of the shortest route.The technology highlights potential hazards and displays varying levels of alerts for each segment of the route and allows you to manually adjust the route.


Display Unit
Screen Type: 7" Wide Color TFT LCD
Screen Resolution: WVGA 800 x 480 pixels
GPS Antenna: Internal (external option)
Display Modes: Course plot, Nav Data,
                      Instruments, Engine monitor,
                      Anemometer, Fuel level gauge,
                      GPS status
Language: English (US & UK), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Bahase Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia

Receiving Type: GPS: 50 channels, SBAS: 1 channel
Receiving Frequency: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
Accuracy: GPS: 10 m max, MSAS: 7.5 m max

Chart: C-MAP 4D
Memory Capacity: 30,000 points for ship's track and wayponts
                 1,000 planned routes (Max. 50 points per route)
                 5,000 quickpoints

Waterproofing: IP56
Power Supply: 12-24 VDC
                     1.05-0.53 A (Equip 520-5PD)
                     1,37-0.64 A (Equip 50/200-1T)
Size: 168 (H) x 271 (W) x 124 (D)
Weight: 1.5 kg

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Nautička Navigacija Furuno GP1870 GPS Chartplotter

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