1-2 Nedelje Lowrance HDI Skimmer 83-200 455-800 T-M Sonda

Lowrance HDI Skimmer 83/200 455/800 T/M Transducer

The Lowrance 000-10976-001 is a Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) Skimmer Transducer which uses a Broadband Sounder (83/200 kHz) plus DownScan Imaging (455/800 kHz). The Sounder operates at depths up to 1,000 feet. The DSI signal features a maximum depth capability of 350 feet. This unit is compatible with Broadband Sounder sonar of HDS. It also has a removable mounting neck. The 000-10976-001 includes a stainless steel ratchet system for transom mount. It works with Lowrance Scupper Mount and Lowrance HDI Trolling Motor Adapter.


- Transom Mount Skimmer Transducer

- Transducer Frequency: 83/200 kHz & 455/800 kHz

- Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI)

    -Combines Broadband Sounder & DownScan Imaging Capability

    Broadband Sounder

    -Marks Fish Arches & Tracks Lure Action

- DownScan Imaging

    -Provides Picture Like Detail of Structure & Bottom

- DownScan Imaging Overlay

    -Overlays DownScan Imaging onto Broadband Sounder Display

    -Separates & Clearly Exposes Fish Targets from Surrounding Structure

    -Fully Adjustable Overlay Transparency & Color Palettes

- TrackBack Into Sonar History

    -Scrolls Back Sonar History to Review Covered Areas & Pinpoint Spots

    -Saves Time & Fuel

- ASP® (Advanced Signal Processing)

    -Reduces Manual Adjustments

    -Provides Clear Automatic View of Fish, Structure & Bottom Detail

- Includes Stainless Steel Ratchet System

Lowrance 000-10976-001.

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Lowrance HDI Skimmer 83-200 455-800 T-M Sonda

  • Pregleda: 3000
  • Brend: Lowrance
  • Šifra: 62520116
  • Raspoloživost: 1-2 Nedelje
  • 19.962 RSD