1-2 Nedelje Lowrance Eagle Scanpac Sidescan Transducer Kit

ScanPac allows Eagle Magna II and Ultra II series and Lowrance X-55 Fish Finder to dispaly an exceptionally detailed side-sacn view of the underwater world.

- Scan open water for schooling fish such as striped bass, white bass, and salmon

- Search for individual fish along vertical drop-offs and other types of fish-holding underwater structure

- Enables fih finder to display sonar returns as signal-strength indicator bars

- Strongest signals accompanied by fish-shaped symbols

- Distance to the nearest target shown in lower right hand corner of screen

- Switch between straight-down view and optional side-scan view by using fish finder "menù" key

- Designed to be mounted on trolling motor

Package contains:

- 8° Pod transducer for trolling motor

- Y adapter cable

- Plastic mounting strap

- Adapter for using Skimmer Transducer (patent pending) on trolling motor

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Lowrance Eagle Scanpac Sidescan Transducer Kit

  • Pregleda: 2974
  • Brend: Lowrance
  • Šifra: 62520149
  • Raspoloživost: 1-2 Nedelje
  • 11.976 RSD