1-2 Nedelje Lowrance Link-5 DSC VHF Mornarski Radio

Link-5 DSC VHF Fixed-Mount Marine Radio

The Link-5 marine VHF system is compact and affordable with an ultra-rugged waterproof (IPX7) chassis. Meeting the latest international compliance standards, the Link-5 delivers the ultimate reliability and performance, for unparalleled safety and communication on-the-water, anywhere in the world.

Link-5 offers a best-in-class microphone with six quick keys for simple and reliable helm operation, plus a built-in speaker that delivers clear audio that is easy to hear – even with the ambient noise typically associated with boating. It also features an easy-grip rubber molding cover for secure holding and operation.

Safety is always a concern; Lowrance designed the Link-5 for clear and simple Class D DSC operation. Link-5 features an efficient, extra-large rotary knob interface for easy channel changing, menu navigation and setting control. Clear display of GPS lat/lon data is presented on a 1 x 1.8 in (2.6 x 4.6 cm) LCD display with adjustable backlighting. Delivering all USA, Canadian and International marine channels, the system provides easy access to all DSC functions. The Lowrance Link-5 features an extra large Channel 16 key, dedicated volume and squelch knobs, weather keys, selectable Dual and TriWatch modes, local and distant functions, and three user-programmable (“favorites”) channels.

Equipped with memory retention, the radio logs up to 10 distress calls and 20 individual DSC calls. DSC control keys include (priority) 16/9, WX, 3CH/+/- for quick channel changing, CALL, EXIT, SCAN and MENU. Additional system features include a rotary volume control with power on/off, all-channel priority and memory channel scans, 20 user-programmable names with MMSI, 10 weather channels with a 1050 Hz tone alert and a second receiver for incoming DSC messages on Channel 70.

Offering selectable 25/1-watt transmit power and NMEA 0183 compatibility, the Link-5 includes a flush-mount kit, wires for 4-watt external speakers, a PL259 connection for optional 2.4 m and 1 m fiberglass antennas. Stainless-steel and nylon antenna mounts are available from Lowrance, too.
La radio Lowrance Link-5 è protetta da una garanzia di 2 anni.
Lo strumento è corredato di certificato di conformità.

Key Features:
• Class D compliant with dedicated DSC transceiver. 
• Selectable 25 watts transmit power / 1 watt low power mode. 
• Highest quality easy grip rubber fist microphone with speaker. 
• XL Channel 16/9 key and rotary knob. 
• Quick "favorites" channel access. 
• Dedicated volume and Squelch knob. 
• NOAA weather alerts. 
• 5-year Advantage Program.

- Display Resolution: 4 line x 12 character alpha/numeric with custom icons (H x W); 
- Display Type: FSTN matric LCD; 
- Backlighting: Yes, LED; 
- Transmitter Power Output: 25 w / 1 w; 
- Warranty: 2 Years. 

# 000-10788-001

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Lowrance Link-5 DSC VHF Mornarski Radio

  • Pregleda: 1764
  • Brend: Lowrance
  • Šifra: 66020485
  • Raspoloživost: 1-2 Nedelje
  • 27.079 RSD