1-2 Nedelje Raymarine autopilot ST1000+ - Raymarine kod A12004

Raymarine autopilot ST1000+ for boats with helm steering. The right Tiller pilot, correctly installed, will give you years of dependable service and will quickly become a valued member of the crew. Le funzioni avanzate sono di serie. Advanced features are standard. AutoTack lets you handle the sheets, while the pilot tacks the boat and AutoSeastate intelligently keeps the boat on course while conserving power. Whether used as a stand-alone pilot or with a SeaTalk/NMEA GPS, the clear backlit LCD and 6-button keypad make these pilots safe and easy to use.

- Backlit LCD display of heading, locked course and navigational information ;
- 6 backlighted keys;
- Thrust: 57 Kg;
- Recomended Dislocamento displacement: 3000 Kg.

Dimension 450L x 73H x 95P mm. Weight 1,53 kg.

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Raymarine autopilot ST1000+ - Raymarine kod A12004

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