1-2 Nedelje Tacktick Maxi Display - T210

A mast display designed for racing yachts with high contrast, super-large digits 50mm (2 inches), providing highly visible and accurate data in all conditions from anywhere on your boat. The black background ensures minimal disturbance to your night vision and the red and amber backlight options allow you to select a different colour for different data displays. You can customize the display to show only the data options you want to see, minimizing the time it takes to select the pages you really need. Alternatively you can use the innovative ‘Auto Leg’ function which changes the display automatically to show the information you need for each leg of the course without the need to press a button. You can maximize your performance using the Line Bias, Wind Shift and Timer functions together with indicators for acceleration and speed trend. In addition the Set, Drift, Turn and Course to Steer functions will give you the edge by helping you to spot your tides. The Remote Display not only provides you with additional performance data and graphing pages to monitor trends but is essential to control, configure and access all your available functions on the Maxi Displays.
- No wiring - receives data via wireless;
- Solar powered with 300 hours autonomy;
- Displays ANY single data type;
- Super-large 50mm digital readout;
- Simple to configure;
- Backlighting to 3 levels;
- Choice of backlighting in orange and red;
- Totally waterproof (submersible to 100m);
- Lightweight only 360g (0.70lb);
- Compatible with other manufacturers via NMEA.
Data displayed:
- Apparent wind speed/angle;
- High wind alarm;
- True wind speed/angle;
- True wind direction;
- VMG to wind;
- Header or lift indicator;
- Heading;
- Off-Course alarm;
- Tack course;
- Boatspeed;
- Log;
- Trip Log;
- Average speed;
- Max speed;
- Speed Over Ground;
- Course Over Ground;
- Lat/Long;
- VMG to waypoint;
- Distance/Bearing to waypoint;
- Turn to waypoint;
- Cross Track Error;
- TTG;
- Waypoint and XTE alarms;
- Depth;
- Shallow/Deep depth alarm;
- Sea temperature;
- Race timer;
- Performance data (using Proprietary NMEA Sentences through the T122 Wireless Interface);
- Upwind/Downwind auto page selection;
- Acceleration/Deceleration display.

Dimension: 172 mm x 114 mm x 21 mm.
Character height 50 mm.

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Tacktick Maxi Display - T210

  • Pregleda: 2077
  • Brend: Tack Tick
  • Šifra: 65020461
  • Raspoloživost: 1-2 Nedelje
  • 165.652 RSD