1-2 Nedelje EV-100 Tiller Autopilot sistem za pogon tilera jedrilica - T70153

Race, cruise or fish - Evolution will take command
No fuss, easy to install and robust - the Evolution autopilot combines Raymarine's autopilot expertise, FLIR Systems' R&D, and advanced aerospace guidance technology to create Evolution Ai control algorithms that deliver a new level of accurate autopilot control.
Key Features
Automagic™ - No lengthy calibration procedures to perform. No compass calibration required. Plug and play connections
Easy to install - Freedom from the restrictions of conventional heading sensors. EV sensor core can be installed above or below deck. Install upside-down or off the vessel's centre line.
Aerospace technology - 9-axis precision monitoring of pitch, roll, yaw and heading
Fuel efficient - Evolution autopilots steer so accurately they will save fuel and get you to your destination faster
Easily selectable performance modes
Race Performance
When only the best will do. Razor sharp course keeping. Fine-tuned for racers!
Cruising Performance
Superb course keeping and crisp turns in all conditions - the Raymarine skippers choice  
Leisure Performance
For relaxed boating, when soaking up the sun is more attractive than precise course keeping.

The EV-100 Power autopilot system consists of the revolutionary EV-sensor core, the fully-sealed and compact ACU-100, a P70 control interface, and Raymarine’s tiller drive.
The EV-100 Tiller Pack Contains:
EV1 Sensor Core
The EV-1 is designed for Evolution mechanical and hydraulic autopilot systems.
SeaTalkng networking enables a single cable connection for power and data to the Evolution ACU (actuator control unit) and extended SeaTalkng and NMEA2000 networks.
With the ACU-100 Raymarine brings the exceptional performance of Evolution Autopilots to sport boats, runabouts and smaller cruising yachts. 
Specifically designed to complement Raymarine’s unique wheel-drive and tiller-drive applications, the ACU-100 provides a powerful and secure interface between steering systems and the revolutionary EV-1 course computer and 9-axis sensor.
As a true world-first innovation, the ACU-100 is fully sealed so may be mounted above decks on boats where space is limited. 
p70 Autopilot Control Head (Sail)
The p70 autopilot control head is a push-button operation controller designed primarily for sailboats. Advanced LED backlighting offers low power consumption and delivers vibrant colour and contrast. Wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles ensure the display can be seen clearly from acute positions.
The p70 control head also features the LightHouse user interface and a start up wizard to help you configure the pilot quickly and easily.
Tiller Drive
The Raymarine EV-100 Tiller Pilots are perfect for large tiller steered yachts up to 6,000kg (13,200 lbs) displacement.
The tiller drive unit is compact and unobtrusive and used by some of the world's top single-handed sailors!
Evolution Cabling Kit - R70160
The Evolution SeaTalkng cable kit contains
1 x SeaTalkng Power Cable (0.4m)     
1 x SeaTalkng Backbone Cable (5m)     
1 x SeaTalkng Spur Cable (0.4m)     
1 x SeaTalkng 5-way Connector Block     
2 x SeaTalkng T-piece Connector     
2 x SeaTalkng Terminator

Boat type: sailing boat
maximum displacement: 6000kg (13200lb)

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EV-100 Tiller Autopilot sistem za pogon tilera jedrilica - T70153

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