Nema na lageru Cobra Marine HH500 FLT BT EU

Cobra Marine HH500 FLT BT EU VHF handheld radio, float, anatomic grip, MicroBlue Bluetooth technology, Rewind Say Again.
The portable marine VHF Marine Cobra MR HH500 FLT BT EU is the result of the best manufacturing techniques available today, with the goal of putting in the hands of a yachtsman VHF small in size and unmatched in functionality.
In fact, the MR HH500 FLT BT EU shows anatomical grip, very limited in size and has all the unique features developed over the years by Cobra Marine.
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Make and receive phone calls using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, keeping your cell phone safe and dry. 
Rewind-Say-Again™ Replay missed VHF calls.
Floating Never lose your radio. Floating design and orange core makes retrieving radio easy if dropped overboard.
6 Watt VHF Select between 1, 3 and 6*. Watts for short and long range communication.
Ultra-Compact Design Ergonomic and compact design is easy to hold and intuitive to operate.
Particularly developed the Noise Cancelling of Marine Cobra, which helps considerably to suppress background noise and allows to transmit the voice so clear and clean. I'm also obviously present their capabilities of Cobra Marine, like Burp, the Roger Beep, the signal strength Bar and ringing tones. Also in contrast to his predecessor (HH475) the antennino was equipped with SMA connector and is therefore now removed to facilitate stowage.


• Float with high visibility Orange band 
• Small with pistol grip 
• Bluetooth 
• Rewind Microblue Say Again ™ 
• Burp Function 
• 6 Watt 
• Noise Cancelling 
• Signal strength Bar 
• Roger Beep 
• VibrAlert ®


- Type: Handheld;
- Case: IPx7 (waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter depth);
- Channels: All international channels;
- Instant Channel 16/9: Instant access to channel 16 and channel 9 for emergency situations;
- Scan: Scan all channels or just saved channels;
- Dual Watch. Tri Watch (16 channel scanning + two optional);
- Rx indicator: Graded rail to 5 notches;
- Frequency: VHF marine frequency;
- Power: Max 6 W - Mid 3 W - Min 1 W;
- Audio power: 250 mW - 8 Ohm;
- Sensitivity: 0.30 µV 12dB Sinad;
- Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer from 1000 mAh;
- Duration: 16 hours 8 hours 1W 6W;
- Electric input: 1,8 A, Rx: 200 mA, Standby: 40 mA;
- Dimension: 121h x 67 x 53 mm without Antenna;
- Weight: 262 gr Battery Pack Included;
- Other characteristics: Microblue Cobra ® exclusive feature Bluetooth, Rewind Say Again, VibrAlert ®, Call Tones, Roger Beep, dedicated button to invoke the "preferred" channel indicator battery charge status, keypad lock, Burp Function.


- Rechargeable battery 1000 mAh lithium CM 110-021.
- Battery pack for AA alkaline batteries CM 110-011.
- Quick battery charger from the table to which you can connect both the 220 Vac power supply plug to cigarette lighter 12 Vdc (both included). Can also be installed to the bulkhead and the housing is designed to retain VHF with choppy sea.
- Belt Attack.
- Strap for transport. 
- Antennino SMA female connector with detachable CM 330-001.

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Cobra Marine HH500 FLT BT EU

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